Subscribe kidsmodel

If you want to subscribe your child, please note that we are based in Amsterdam and only allow kidsmodels to subscribe who live within a radius of 40 kilometers from Amsterdam. You can subscribe via our webform our by e-mail. Please send us an e-mail with a good colourphoto of the face, the hight and adress. The photo please not bigger than 5Mb.

We will contact you within two weeks.

Selecting a kidsmodel is very subjective, and we also make mistakes so if you are sure we were wrong in denying your subscription, please try again. For purposes of logistics we ask you not to try more often then 3 times.

    If your language is Dutch you can also go to our Dutch website:

    😉 dat je dus beter naar onze nederlandse website kunt als je nederlands spreekt…

    “Ah you can look through that can’t you?” Well actually not. Jobapplications with spellingerrors don’t do well either, just as a bakery with flies on the cake. So:


    • Red eyes due to flash
    • Food around the mouth
    • Background with a carbagecan
    • To close so that the face rounds up…


    • Take a picture outside in daylight
    • Neutral background
    • Walk backwards and zoom in
    • Take the picture laughing and clean

    We have an average of 300 subscriptions per week. Every parent ofcourse thinks his kid is the most beautifull in the world. Unfortunately we can not subscribe all kids. Toddlers for example: Parents think that is the best age and we get most subscriptions from parents of toddlers. Our clients on the other hand book almost no toddlers so we need just few toddlers.

    Further we chose kids that enrich our agency. We have for example a lot of blond girls aged 9 years so if you subscribe a kidsmodel like that then it can be that we reject her allthough she is beautifull. It just that we are full in that size.

    If we do want to subscribe your child, you recieve an invitation to come by at our studio. You will have to sign a contract and we make a few pictures. It is important that you read the contract because we ask a lot from our parents and we have high demands. We don’t want our kidsmodels to be under contract at other agencies, your availability has to be good and so has to be the availability of the parents. If both parents have a fulltime job this is not going to work. We have standard prices for all kids so that everybody knows what to expect.

    And then it an happen that you never ever get one assignement. That’s a shame but we can not really help that. Although.. Check the portfolio of your kidsmodel, is the length up to date? Are the photos recent? If the pictures are more then 9 months old, please make an appointment for new pictures if we asked for it.

    If you still don’t hear from us after all that we can imagine that you would like to try another kidsmodelagency. That is okay with us but please remember to UNsubscribe your child first at our kidsmodelagency because we don’t want to take our huge marketingeffort for kidsmodels that are also subscribed elswhere.